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A ground-breaking brand-new series exploring children’s emotions, wellbeing and mental health. Complete with engaging questions to encourage conversations on different topics and helpful tips, the series is the essential tool for parents and children to explore what it means to be happy, sad and everything in between.

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with Mat Carter

Digital Creator - and amazing parent - Mat Carter brings the Discover You book series to life through interactive and story times to enjoy together at home.

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Be Kind

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All Different

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Try Again


with Elizabeth Kilbey

Reading with your children isn’t just about words. Consultant Clinical Psychologist Elizabeth Kilbey shares tips for parents to help them read to their kids.

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It's all about talking

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It's all about feelings

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It's all about connecting

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It's all about thinking

Discover The Books

worries book cover

A sensitive story about worries, big and small, and how to manage them.

be kind book cover
Be Kind

A fun story about the power of kindness and the happiness it brings.

try again book cover
Try Again

An empowering story about appreciating and celebrating our differences.

all different book cover
All Different

An inspiring story about self-esteem and resilience.

What's To Come ...

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Six more stories are coming in 2023, with many more planned for the series in 2024 and beyond, along with new insights, videos, freebies and tips for you, soon available on this page. Subscribe to our newsletter and don't miss updates, new releases, events and much more!

Free Printable Activities for You!

Print and colour your favourite scenes from the books!


Writing and drawing prompts to encourage younger readers to explore their feelings.


Writing prompts to encourage young readers to reflect on their feelings and actions.


An activity sheet to support children in defining themselves and their personality.


Printable and colouring bookmarks to never miss the mark!


Print or colour inspirational images to always remember the lessons learnt in the books.



Browser through our ambassadors and readers content to discover a new way of
sharing and exploring your emotions with Mr. Men Little Miss.
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📚 My 4 top tips for sharing stories with your children 📚

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Don’t forget to check out the new collection of Discover me mrmenofficial books 📚
📚 Tip 1
Use silly voices. Give the characters voices. Deep, high, squeaky it really doesn’t matter but children love it!
📚 Tip 2
Slow down and talk about the vocabulary. Sharing stories are a great time to build upon your child’s language development. Discuss the pictures, ask each other questions or see if you child knows the meaning of words
📚 Tip 3
Make it a routine. Whether that’s first thing in the morning, during the day or before bed. Doing it everyday for a couple of weeks it will start to become part of everyday.
📚 Tip 4
Model the love of reading by reading yourself. Children learn SO SO much from watching adults so model to them and show them reading is enjoyable.

Discover more by checking out:

What else would you add to the top tips list? 👇🏻

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Mr. Men Little Miss’ new Discover You series by @farshorebooks supports children’s wellbeing and mental health, helping them explore what it means to be happy, sad and everything in between 🥰😍
Visit and discover the joy of reading through videos, tips and downloadable materials with the help of @mathewlcarter and Consultant Clinical Psychologist Elizabeth Kilbey 💝💖

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AD- as a new parent I find it fascinating how Auraelia picks up books and flicks/eats the pages. I can give her a book and she’ll sit there fascinated by it! ⁣

We’ve teamed up with Mr. Men Little Miss mrmenofficial to launch their new “Discover You” book series.⁣

The stories bring to life a range of different emotions & feelings to help children understand what it means to be happy 😃 worried 😧 or sad 😔 ⁣

I’m reading the four new books in our Discover You Storytime series - to watch all the video’s along with some fantastic tips from Dr Elizabeth Kilbey head over to (they’re all free!) ⁣

We’ve brought the books 📚 to life and we can’t wait for you to sit down with your little ones and encourage them to read with you! Be as silly as you like 😊⁣


🎥 gingernutscreative

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mrmenofficial have got a new series out called #readtodiscover these books are the perfect emotional literacy books for our early readers! But how can you get those impactful reading times?

1. Pick a consistent time. Either at school or at home it’s great to have a story time routine.

2. Make it special! It might be blankets, lights down or snacks.

3. Pick a reading buddy. For our younger learners it can be extra special to have a buddy to read with or to. This also encourages independent reading if you leave them by your book corners.

4. No devices! No distractions.

I’m so proud to be part of this campaign to support emotional literacy books reaching our younger readers! What are your top tips for impactful reading times?

More info here:

| AD |

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Discover You by @farshorebooks is our ground-breaking brand-new series exploring children’s emotions, wellbeing and mental health, an essential tool for parents and children to explore what it means to be happy, sad and everything in between. 🥰📚 Visit and discover @mathewlcarter engagingly reading the four books, a series of tips by Consultant Clinical Psychologist Elizabeth Kilbey to help parents read to their kids, and lots of downloadable materials and activities designed for parents and educators! 🤩📖
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